My starting point in art was working in photography. I see photography as a versatile medium that can easily be used alone or in combination with other mediums, which makes it an ideal creative conduit.

Currently, I’m using photographs as inspiration for oil paintings. Painting has evolved out of my quest for a broader artistic experience and a desire to use my hands to create. I’ve found painting to be a slower, more meditative process that allows room for the unpredictable picture to enter into my work.

My areas of interest primarily include abstraction and portraiture. I find the abstract appealing because, like so many aspects of life itself, it’s subjective. I also find it to be effective in conveying a wide range of ideas, whether constructing illusory images of the mind or reflecting on the greater urban dynamic. Portraiture, on the other hand, has proven to be a wonderfully challenging subject to delve into, one that can powerfully reflect on the human experience.

Moving forward, my goal is to continue to paint in oils with a focus on portraiture.



“If I could stop making art I’d know I was cured. But cured…  why would I want to be?”

-Gala Sadurni









(Above) Study XLVIII from Painting Study Series