Painting Study Series

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 Painting Study Series

The “Painting Study Series” is an artistic journey experienced through photography. The idea is to convey concepts of time, change and discovery through abstract images. The images were created by using non-traditional methods and materials which were chosen for their ability to communicate the concepts, both metaphorically and physically.

The work was done by painting on a canvas of water and ice. This lent incredible fluidity and unpredictability to the project. The only way to gain some semblance of control was to slow down the process. This, in turn, gave me an appreciation for the process itself. The final sets of photographs reflect a study of the end results. Since the photographs became the last stage in the process, they became the art itself. The original paintings melted away. The work of photographer Andre Kertesz was an inspiration for this project. I am particularly drawn to his polaroids of a glass figure which seem, at the same time, to be both frozen and fluid. The vertical nature of the pieces is the result of wanting to mimic the human form and allow the eye to harmoniously flow up and down the body of the work.


All pieces in this series were completed in 2011. Vertical studies measure 96″ h x 20″ w. Horizontal studies measure 68″ h x 26″ w.